A review of in situ, Late Silurian and Devonian spores.
Allen,K.C. (1980) A review of in situ, Late Silurian and Devonian spores. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology Vol. 29 P. 253- 270
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Protobarinophyton Protobarinophyton timanicum Nd Early Devonian
Protopteridium Protopteridium hostinense Nd Middle Devonian
Protopteridium Protopteridium minutum Nd Middle Devonian
Psilophyton Psilophyton dawsonii Nd Early Devonian
Psilophyton Psilophyton princeps Nd Early Devonian
Rebuchia Rebuchia ovata Nd Early Devonian
Rellimia Rellimia thomsonii Nd Middle Devonian
Renalia Renalia hueberi Nd Early Devonian
Rhacophyton Rhacophyton ceratangium Nd Late Devonian
Rhynia Rhynia gwynnevaughani Nd Early Devonian
Rhynia Rhynia major Nd Early Devonian
Salopella Salopella allenii Nd Early Devonian
Sawdonia Sawdonia acanthotheca Nd Middle Devonian
Sawdonia Sawdonia ornata Nd Early Devonian
Svalbardella Svalbardella polymorpha Nd Middle Devonian
Tetraxylopteris Tetraxylopteris schmidtii Nd Late Devonian
Trimerophyton Trimerophyton robustius Nd Early Devonian