A review of in situ, Late Silurian and Devonian spores.
Allen,K.C. (1980) A review of in situ, Late Silurian and Devonian spores. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology Vol. 29 P. 253- 270
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Cooksonia Cooksonia hemisphaerica Nd Late Gothlandian
Cooksonia Cooksonia pertonii Nd Late Gothlandian
Cyclostigma Cyclostigma kiltorkense Nd Late Devonian Early Carboniferous
Dawsonites Dawsonites arcuatus Nd Early Devonian
Enigmophyton Enigmophyton superbum Nd Middle Devonian
Gosslingia Gosslingia breconensis Nd Early Devonian
Horneophyton Horneophyton lignieri Nd Early Devonian
Hostimilla Hostimilla globosa Nd Middle Devonian
Hostimilla Hostimilla pinnata Nd Middle Devonian
Krithodeophyton Krithodeophyton croftii Nd Early Devonian
Kryshtofovichia Kryshtofovichia africana Nd Late Devonian
Leclercqia Leclercqia complexa Nd Middle Devonian
Lycopodites Lycopodites oosensis Nd Early Devonian
Nothia Nothia aphylla Nd Early Devonian
Oocampsa Oocampsa catheta Nd Middle Devonian
Pertica Pertica varia Nd Early Devonian
Protobarinophyton Protobarinophyton obrutschevii Nd Early Devonian