Biostratigraphical implication of Neogene palynology in Hungary.
Nagy,E. (1973) Biostratigraphical implication of Neogene palynology in Hungary. Mezhdunarodnaya Palinologicheskaya Konferentsiya,3rd,Novosibirsk. 1971, Nauka Moskva. Palynology of Cenozoic Plants. P. 162- 165
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Tricolporopollenites Tricolporopollenites exactus Hungary Sarmatian
Sparganiaceaepollenites Sparganiaceaepollenites polygonalis Hungary Sarmatian
Distverrusporis Distverrusporis cingulatus Hungary Sarmatian
Stereisporites Stereisporites sp Hungary Sarmatian
Tetraporina Tetraporina quadrata Hungary Sarmatian
Laevigatosporites Laevigatosporites minimus Hungary Sarmatian
Cyrillaceaepollenites Cyrillaceaepollenites megaexactus Hungary Helvetian
Crassosphaera Crassosphaera concinna Hungary Sarmatian
Mecsekia Mecsekia spinosa Hungary Sarmatian
Perinomonoletes Perinomonoletes pliocaenicus Hungary Tortonian Helvetian
Ovoidites Ovoidites ligneolus Hungary Helvetian Sarmatian
Araliaceoipollenites Araliaceoipollenites edmundii Hungary Tortonian Helvetian
Myricipites Myricipites myricoides Hungary Helvetian Sarmatian
Tytthodiscus Tytthodiscus sp Hungary Helvetian Sarmatian
Tetracentracearumpollenites Tetracentracearumpollenites minimus Hungary Helvetian Sarmatian
Liquidambarpollenites Liquidambarpollenites formosange Hungary Helvetian Sarmatian
Ilexpollenites Ilexpollenites iliacus Hungary Helvetian Sarmatian