Biostratigraphical implication of Neogene palynology in Hungary.
Nagy,E. (1973) Biostratigraphical implication of Neogene palynology in Hungary. Mezhdunarodnaya Palinologicheskaya Konferentsiya,3rd,Novosibirsk. 1971, Nauka Moskva. Palynology of Cenozoic Plants. P. 162- 165
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Myriophyllum Myriophyllum Hungary Early Miocene
Myriophyllum Myriophyllum quadratus Hungary Early Miocene
Normapollenites Normapollenites sp Hungary Early Pannonian Sarmatian
Nymphaeaepollenites Nymphaeaepollenites sp Hungary Early Pannonian Sarmatian
Nyssapollenites Nyssapollenites kruschi Hungary Early Miocene
Nyssapollenites Nyssapollenites kruschi Hungary Helvetian Late Pannonian
Nyssapollenites Nyssapollenites sp Hungary Early Pannonian
Osmundacidites Osmundacidites gemmatus Hungary Early Miocene
Osmundacidites Osmundacidites major Hungary Middle Miocene
Osmundacidites Osmundacidites primarius Hungary Middle Miocene
Ostryoipollenites Ostryoipollenites rhenanus Hungary Early Pannonian Sarmatian
Ovoidites Ovoidites ligneolus Hungary Early Miocene
Ovoidites Ovoidites ligneolus Hungary Helvetian Sarmatian
Palmae Palmae Hungary Early Miocene
Pentapollenites Pentapollenites bipyramidalis Hungary Middle Miocene
Perimonoletes Perimonoletes matencaeformis Hungary Middle Miocene
Perinomonoletes Perinomonoletes goersbachensis Hungary Early Pannonian