Fossil in situ, spores and pollen grains: An annotated catalogue.
Balme,B.E. (1995) Fossil in situ, spores and pollen grains: An annotated catalogue. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology Vol. 87 P. 81- 323
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Klukia Klukia westii Afghanistan Jurassic
Klukia Klukia exilis Afghanistan Jurassic
Masculostrobus Masculostrobus warrenii Antarctica Jurassic
Telamachus Telamachus elongatus Antarctica Triassic
Scolecopteris Scolecopteris antarctica Antarctica Triassic
Arberiella Arberiella sp Antarctica Permian
Antevsia Antevsia extans Argentina Triassic
Apterocladus Apterocladus lanceolatus Argentina Cretaceous
Bharadwajapollenites Bharadwajapollenites wielandii Argentina Middle Triassic
Brachyphyllum Brachyphyllum irregulare Argentina Cretaceous
Brachyphyllum Brachyphyllum mirandai Argentina Jurassic Cretaceous
Brachyphyllum Brachyphyllum tigrense Argentina Cretaceous
Fanerotheca Fanerotheca extans Argentina Triassic
Ferugliocladus Ferugliocladus riojanum Argentina Permian
Masculostrobus Masculostrobus altoensis Argentina Cretaceous
Morenoa Morenoa fertilis Argentina Cretaceous
Nathorstia Nathorstia alata Argentina Cretaceous