Scolecodont dispersa
Foreign title:
Les Scolecodontes Disperses
Taugourdeau,P. (1978) Scolecodont dispersa [ Les Scolecodontes Disperses ] Cahiers de Micropal©ontologie # 2 P. 1- 106
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Eunicites Eunicites thurengensis Europe Triassic
Eunicites Eunicites varians Europe Late Ordovician
Eunicites Eunicites varians Europe Middle Gothlandian
Euryprion Euryprion rarus Europe Middle Ordovician
Glycera Glycera pilicae Europe Jurassic
Goniada Goniada cuneata Europe Triassic
Goniada Goniada diversidentata Europe Jurassic
Goniada Goniada szaniawskii Europe Jurassic Cretaceous
Hindeoprion Hindeoprion basalaris Europe Late Devonian
Ildraites Ildraites howelli Europe Middle Gothlandian
Ildraites Ildraites howelli Europe Early Devonian Middle Devonian
Ildraites Ildraites oblongus Europe Middle Devonian Late Devonian
Ildraites Ildraites unelli Europe Early Devonian
Kalloprion Kalloprion ovalis Europe Middle Ordovician Late Ordovician
Kalloprion Kalloprion triangularis Europe Middle Ordovician
Kettnerites Kettnerites kosoviensis Europe Middle Ordovician Late Ordovician
Kettnerites Kettnerites kosoviensis Europe Middle Gothlandian